We are not like our competitors. We will not take a piece of your profits or ad spend.

EXOD.ai EPIC Plan: $149/month flat

In this plan, you have access to everything EXOD.ai has to offer! Includes Unlimited Ad Accounts, Unlimited Pages, Unlimited Ad Spend, and everything else in between.

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Join over 10,000 businesses Launching Ads Faster!

Unlimited Ad Accounts

Connect unlimited Ad Accounts to your EXOD.ai account. Compared to our competitors, we will not charge you extra for the ad accounts that you add. $149 / month flat

Unlimited Pages

Launch campaigns in any of your Facebook pages. Just Start a new campaign in our Campaign Builder and select the page you want your ads to appear in.

Unlimited Ad Budget

All of our competitors like Madgicx, AdScale, RevealBot, AdChill, AdRoll and so many others bank on each dollar that you or your clients spend on Facebook Ads. We decided it was enough, $149 flat monthly subscription for all Ad Budget Levels. You have $1M per day of Ad Spend budget? $149 / month flat.

Unlimited Campaigns

Do not worry about testing! This is what EXOD.ai was made for. You have no limit on how many Ad you can launch through EXOD.ai

Unlimited Stock Images / Videos

We partnered with Shutterstock to bring you the best Stock Images and videos in the world, tens of millions of images and videos for you to select and create your next EPIC campaign! You can also use these Stock images and videos to test your market, business and targeting.

1-on-1 Marketing Expert Support

With your monthly subscription, you have access to 1 hour of Marketing tips with one of our Experts, got questions about your Live campaigns? Questions about Facebook marketing in general? No worries, book a call and our team will make sure to answer all your questions.

Automated Optimizations

Here at EXOD.ai, we understand that the optimization is the most important step of a campaign, making sure that you either get to your most profitable point, to get there or to kill a failing campaign!
EXOD.ai will automatically optimize your campaign on a daily basis.

Exod is creating your ads ....
A robot that is part of the EXOD automated Facebook marketing platform

How does it work you ask?

Choose your Industry.

You first decide what industry your business belongs to, with this information, EXOD will pull data and strategies directly from the data pool of the entire network of companies using our platform on a daily basis.

Give EXOD. some Keywords.

With your location, and some keywords, EXOD will be able to auto generate multiple copies to test in the market. These copy templates are in constant evolution as EXOD learns more about your industry, target audience and business.

Upload your creative, or not.

You have 2 choices, you can obviously upload your creative or you can let EXOD choose from a data pool of millions of different images from Shutterstock. EXOD will create slideshows and carousels to bring amazing results.

Activate EXOD.

All you gotta do is accept all ads and BOOM, EXOD is activated.


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