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Launch entire Facebook
campaigns in seconds. let's you launch entire Facebook Ad Campaigns in seconds by generating the targeting for you, for any vertical in the world! Choose from millions of creatives to create your campaign.
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Tens of Thousands Of A.I. Niches.

Launch campaigns in seconds by selecting one of thousands of pre-determined niches.

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Machine Learning

Automated A.I. Optimization

EXOD will automatically optimize your campaigns based on your goals.

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How It Works Is And Will Always Be The Simplest And Easiest Facebook Ads Automation Platform In The World!

We made it our mission to make the easiest platform to use in the world. In just a few clicks, you can launch entire Facebook Ad Campaigns. See how it works.

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First, Create A Free Account

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Select Your Facebook Page.

Select the Facebook Page you want to launch Facebook Ads for using the Facebook Ads Automation platform.

Select Targeting Strategy.

You can either choose to create Lookalike Audiences based on your Custom Audiences or you can choose our A.I. targeting which will automatically create all cold ad sets for your niche

Choose Your Niche

Choose from one of hundreds
of thousands of pre-created
verticals from our Database.

Choose Your Objective

Decide what objective you want to go for during the creation of your automated campaign.

Choose Your Location

Choose where you want your ads to appear.

Choose Your Daily CBO Budget.

Decide what is your Daily CBO budget that you want to spend on your Facebook Ads. EXOD will automatically
optimize all your ad sets depending on this daily budget.

Upload Your Creative

You can either upload your own creative or let our A.I choose your creative based
on millions of data points for your niche.

Launch Your Ads!

Now all you have to do is click on Launch Ads and Voila! Your Campaign should instantly sync with your ad account.

"EXOD helps us accelerate our Ad Campaign processes 10x."

Eric Ferron

CEO / Founder

"No need to hire other marketers to grow our Lead Generation, we just employ one marketer internally that is in charge of launching ads and generating leads through the EXOD platform."

Nesstor Lopez

CEO / Founder

"EXOD has been the best thing for our business since I get agency level results without employing any Facebook Ads Expert or agency."

Benoit Savard

CEO / Founder

Benefits & Features

Battle Tested Campaigns

Our team has created data and full campaigns for all main industries. All you have to do is chose your industry, location and some keywords and our a.i. will create a fully automated Facebook Ads campaign.

Automated Creative

Our a.i. will create both the ad descriptions and generate cherry picked images directly from Shutterstock with no extra fees for your ads. You can also upload your own creatives and ad description if you prefer.

Lookalike Audiences

You can instantly create Full Funnel campaigns based on your custom audiences. In less than a few seconds, our paltform will create all LL percentages for you to be able to test.

Automatic Budget Optimization

The a.i. will launch your campaigns using 1$ a day per audience using Facebook's CBO (campaign budget optimization). Depending on your budget, EXOD will create audiences at 70% of your budget. Meaning that if you have a daily budget of 10$, it will create 7 different audiences at 1$ a day.

Automated Optimizations

EXOD will automatically optimize your entire campaign depending on your business goal. It will turn off bad performing ad sets and increase the budget of the winners.

Manual Platform

If you prefer to only use the Campaign Launching system to launch full funnel campaigns in seconds, you can turn off the automated optimization and use our easy to use, over simplified rule system.

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Black business women smiling because she is using EXOD the automated Facebook marketing platform.

Automated Facebook Ads,
that actually work!

Coming in January

This is an alpha version of the platform. We are running EXOD in our back end, we will release the platform to the public on January 1st. For now, you can still have the same results with our alpha version.

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Focus on other stuff, automate your marketing with

EXOD's logo, the automated Facebook marketing platform.

EXOD is a machine learning, artificial intelligence platform that creates all your campaigns and optimizes them automatically, so you can focus on doing the important stuff in your business, whatever the size of your enterprise may be. The first fully automated Facebook marketing platform.

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Chat With Us

Need a quick answer? Send us a message through either Slack or our Chat system, one of our experts will be answering you as fast as humanly possible.

Daily Live Training
and Weekly Webinars

Our CEO Kevin Moses goes live everyday on Facebook to give tips, tricks and training about Facebook Marketing Automation.

We Listen

Every time you create campaigns through our platform, we learn on how to help you better and to give you even more results than you will already have on the long run. We have at heart every recommendation about new tools or things you would like us to implement in the platform.

Your membership comes with the
EXOD Academy.

Hundreds of hours of deep learning on all subjects and strategies related to Facebook Marketing and Automation.

Our main goal is for your business to have massive results, our CEO, Kevin Moses, also known as the Marketing God decided to add his secret Facebook Marketing Strategies to the mix. This course is valued at over 2500$. It breaks down everything you need to know to generate massive and constant results.

Exod is creating your ads ....
A robot that is part of the EXOD automated Facebook marketing platform

How does it work you ask?

Choose your Industry.

You first decide what industry your business belongs to, with this information, EXOD will pull data and strategies directly from the data pool of the entire network of companies using our platform on a daily basis.

Give EXOD. some Keywords.

With your location, and some keywords, EXOD will be able to auto generate multiple copies to test in the market. These copy templates are in constant evolution as EXOD learns more about your industry, target audience and business.

Upload your creative, or not.

You have 2 choices, you can obviously upload your creative or you can let EXOD choose from a data pool of millions of different images from Shutterstock. EXOD will create slideshows and carousels to bring amazing results.

Activate EXOD.

All you gotta do is accept all ads and BOOM, EXOD is activated.

Get Started Now.

Speed up and automate your Facebook Ad Campaigns and Optimizations with!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Facebook Ads Automation?
Facebook's network of platforms includes Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and millions of websites that they have access to. Facebook gives us permission to advertise in these platforms through either boosted posts or the Ads Manager. The beauty of this is that you can target very specific people in your niche at a very low cost. Not only can you reach these people but Facebook has created extremely interesting tools to convert these prospects into paying customers, fans, app users or anything you want to promote.
How does the Facebook Ads Automation platform work?
We created EXOD having in mind every level of experience. When you create your EXOD account you have multiple choices, you can either use the simplified and strategic Facebook Ads Manager platform with various pre-created strategies, or you can let our Artificial Intelligence do the work for you. The AI will not only launch your entire Facebook Ad campaigns but also optimize on a daily basis depending on the budget you have for Facebook Ads. The Artificial Intelligence will feed from your data and also from the network of advertisers that we have on the platform to create new strategies and learn how to generate maximum results for your business and industry. The Artificial Intelligence will even create Ad Copies, images and videos for you if you don't have any content pre-created. You can also upload your content to the platform or have the Artificial Intelligence find the best performing content in your active or inactive campaigns and posts.
What can Facebook Ads Automation do for my business?
Businesses in all industries can use Automated Facebook Ads to grow their businesses. With the platform, you will be able to launch Automated Lead Generation campaigns, EXOD will help you generate leads for your business creating multiple campaigns to ensure the lowest cost of acquisition. Or maybe you have a Local Business that you want to promote, EXOD will use Facebook Ads Automation to bring more traffic into your business either using special offers or Facebook Store Location strategies to either receive more calls or walk-ins. Have an e-commerce, dropship or digital products business? Awesome, EXOD will use Facebook Ads Automation to generate more conversions and increase your ROAS on a daily basis.


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