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Alphabet Testing

Here at EXOD we are known for our Alphabet Testing technique, where we test thousands of different combination of Audiences vs Creative to make sure that every dollar that we invest in the market is generating optimized results. Once we find your ideal Audiences and creative, we double down on it.

Normal Campaign from Other Agencies

Alphabet Testing with EXOD

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Facebook Ads Automation?
Facebook's network of platforms includes Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and millions of websites that they have access to. Facebook gives us permission to advertise in these platforms through either boosted posts or the Ads Manager. The beauty of this is that you can target very specific people in your niche at a very low cost. Not only can you reach these people but Facebook has created extremely interesting tools to convert these prospects into paying customers, fans, app users or anything you want to promote.
How does the Facebook Ads Automation platform work?
We created EXOD having in mind every level of experience. When you create your EXOD account you have multiple choices, you can either use the simplified and strategic Facebook Ads Manager platform with various pre-created strategies, or you can let our Artificial Intelligence do the work for you. The AI will not only launch your entire Facebook Ad campaigns but also optimize on a daily basis depending on the budget you have for Facebook Ads. The Artificial Intelligence will feed from your data and also from the network of advertisers that we have on the platform to create new strategies and learn how to generate maximum results for your business and industry. The Artificial Intelligence will even create Ad Copies, images and videos for you if you don't have any content pre-created. You can also upload your content to the platform or have the Artificial Intelligence find the best performing content in your active or inactive campaigns and posts.
What can Facebook Ads Automation do for my business?
Businesses in all industries can use Automated Facebook Ads to grow their businesses. With the platform, you will be able to launch Automated Lead Generation campaigns, EXOD will help you generate leads for your business creating multiple campaigns to ensure the lowest cost of acquisition. Or maybe you have a Local Business that you want to promote, EXOD will use Facebook Ads Automation to bring more traffic into your business either using special offers or Facebook Store Location strategies to either receive more calls or walk-ins. Have an e-commerce, dropship or digital products business? Awesome, EXOD will use Facebook Ads Automation to generate more conversions and increase your ROAS on a daily basis.


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