The Science of EXOD's A.I. Niches

Kevin Moses
August 5, 2022

The Science of EXOD's A.I. Verticals

Discover how EXOD's niches can help you grow your business.

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Written by Kevin Moses

When you select a niche inside of your campaign in, an entire world is activated in the background.

We have pre-created tens of thousands of different niches, anything you can market, we have it in the database. If we don't, our team will quickly add it inside of our database to ensure that your business and your campaigns grow.

But how do they work?

Every niche has as a base of pre-determined stack of Detailed Cold Audiences. Every niche was thought out to immediately generate results and accelerate our users processes.

We have analyzed, tested and selected the maximum amount of audiences that a niche can have for you to be able to test.

Alphabet Testing

As we launched hundreds of thousands of campaigns, spent tens of millions of dollars of ad spend and worked relentlessly in the marketing industry for over a decade, we have come to the conclusion that the only thing that matters is testing.

We call it Alphabet Testing, testing as much as there are letters in the alphabet and beyond.

Every Cold Audience will be unique per ad set inside of your campaign, the goal here is to know which interest, demographic or behavior is generating the best results, test as many audiences as possible inside of your daily budget.

Network Adaptation and Niche Optimization

As this happens, our A.I. learns which interest, behavior or demographic is generating the most result per niche in the entire network of users, once it has enough data points, it reiterates the entire niche with optimized cold audiences to ensure better results, faster.


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