How your business can dominate Facebook Ads in 2019

Kevin Moses Palencia
August 5, 2022

Let's make things clear, Facebook is the most underrated and undervalued platform of all times.

And a lot of things are not helping the platform grow like it should be. Things like the Analytica scandal where millions of people's data where "Leaked". Actually, nothing was leaked, they had the same access to data as we all do, they just said it the wrong way. Facebook had to go into a PR war to try and fix this.

Things like these are actually great for us, because as long as companies and advertisers are scared of the platform and have little to no results using it, the cheaper the ads are and the less competition we all have.

On the other hand, people keep using the platform, for literally everything, login in and signing up into other platforms and apps, scrolling through their feeds, using instagram, etc etc. This number can only grow, unless there is a cataclysmic event where a large part of humanity dies. Let's hope this does not happen.

In the mean time, we can use Facebook Ads to skyrocket our projects and businesses. And we can do this in the comfort of our phones.

Here's the thing, Facebook actually wants you to win, because the more success and results that you have, the more you spend, the more you spend, the more Facebook likes you, it's a never ending loop of love. And to enforce this, they created an algorithm that is becoming so perfect at learning about human behavior that we all try to mess it up. Yes, you heard me. We suck.

The algorithm is SO SIMPLE to use, that people, agencies and businesses all around the world tend to over complicate it. Trying to use fancy strategies, SECRET FORMULAS.

In reality, this is how the Facebook Algorithm works.

You feed Facebook data, Facebook looks for more of that data in the market, brings it to you for analysis, you decide if it's the right data and you tell the algorithm "Hey man, thanks a lot for this data, you can bring me more of it".

Facebook will start optimizing BY ITSELF the campaign and bring you more of those results.

What the majority of us do is try to teach the algorithm and optimize by ourselves the ads.

There is a reason why Facebook is about to dominate the world, because they understand human behavior, we don't. None of us has Trillions upon Trillions of behavior events in their database, facebook does. That is exactly why we need to let Facebook do the work.

Here is how you dominate using Facebook ads in 2019. And I say 2019 because you need to start NOW to let the algorithm learn by ITSELF how to optimize your ads and bring maximum results.

First: Stop trying to sell.

Sounds stupid, but that's where humanity is right now. The reason the majority of marketing campaigns completely flop is because we became completely detached from the end user. We started shoving "Buy NOW" ads in the faces of our audiences that they became tired and immune to it. People just hate ads.

So what we need to do instead is create content to start a conversation with our audience, make them know you, make them LOVE your brand and your products or services. The more QUALITY content that you give them without trying to sell them, the more they will buy. That is where we need to shift our minds, because we all live in the NOW, i need to sell for $1 TRILLION TODAY!

Businesses are built through generations, don't rush for the penny. Connect with your audience.

Second: Push ALL your content through your Facebook page and boost it for 1$ a day.

Everything that you post needs to be on the Facebook page, even if you post 100 posts a day, it does not matter because Facebook is a Pay to Play platform, your audience will not be tired of seeing your content because they won't be seeing it anyway. When you post something, you reach less than 5% of your audience. And people don't go on your actual Facebook page, they scroll their own feeds.

The reason we use 1$ a day to boost posts is because you can breakdown budgets into hundreds of pieces of content that you test into the market.

The main metric that we use to understand what works and what doesn't is the Relevance Score, anything under 6, you shutdown, everything above 6 of relevance score, you extend it's time.

Example: If you posted a Motivational Quote and boost it for 1$ during 7 days, this means you spent 7$. If at the end of those 7 days, the relevance score is above 6 and it's bringing low cost engagements, you boost it for 1 year, meaning that you add 365$ in the budget during a period of 365 days. Here at EXOD we have content that has been rolling for more than a year at 1$ a day. There is no reason to put anything above 1$ a day for this kind of content.

Third: Create sequences

We all agree that custom audiences is the best targeted audience in the world. These are the people who have a relationship with your business or brand, they've seen your 1$ a day content a bunch of times and now it's time to re-target them with sequences that will bring in money or results.

Heres how you do it, memorize this sequence: Awareness, Engagement, Conversion.

You will create 3 Videos that each have their own purpose.

Video #1 - Create Awareness for your brand or product. This is the video that will make people know about your product, brand or service for the first time. You create 2 kinds of target audiences. I call this video, The Viral Video. Because the greatest goal is to make this video go viral.

Audience #1: Saved Audiences, this is the cold market, the same target audience that you used for the 1$ a day content.

Audience #2: Custom Audiences, you re-target everyone that had engagements with your Facebook page during the last 365 days.

Video #2 - Engagement. This is the second video in the sequence, With this video you are trying to generate conversations, make people share this video, make people talk about this video, brand or product. 

Overall watch time for Facebook videos is 10 seconds, the shorter the video the better.

Here is what's amazing with Facebook, you can re-target specific watch times. You will retarget everyone who watched 10 seconds and above of Video #1

Video #3 - This is where you sell, now you talk about promotions, special offers, buy now, order now. It's time to go crazy with the conversions.

The audience used here is everyone who watched 10 seconds and above of video #2.

Using this sequence will create you and your business MASSIVE results in 2019. You are not trying to just sell anymore, but you are bringing actual value into the market.

So remember, the ones who win on Facebook, are the ones who stay consistent and bring value into the markets.


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