How to never get your Facebook Ads or Ad Accounts disabled!

August 5, 2022

If you use Facebook Ads, you know how strict they are, and for a VERY good reason!

Since they created their self serve ad system, shady marketers and companies all over the world have used their platforms to promote illegal products, spam and overall bad and low value products or scams!

But a few years ago, Facebook went into a massive PR rampage because of data leakage.

Now, their number 1 priority is to make sure the personal data of their users AND their users are safe from these bandits!

Cambridge Analytica

Now this is the reason why it has become so complicated to safely launch ads on Facebook without having the constant fear of getting disabled and left with nowhere to go to promote your business.

Many times, the algorithm disables the entire Ad Account for MINIMAL things, and these things might not even be against Facebook Policies but enough to get the ad or account completely obliterated.

So we created a system to check if you are compliant or not! You can download it at the bottom of this page!

First, let's go through some of those things that can get your ad disabled.

Ad Copy

The main one is the actual descriptions and titles of your ads. Facebook is EXTREMELY strict with these.

We have an entire list of things you can't say but here are some of them:

  • You can't personally target people in your ad copy for example saying things like "You" or "You're" or "Your".
  • You can't target people based on their appearance, for example: "Are you tired of being Fat?" or "Do you want to lose weight?"
  • You can NEVER target people based on their race or affinities, example: "This product is perfect for Irish people living in New York!"
  • Never EVER ask questions, there is always a better way to pass the message, for example instead of asking: "Do you want to learn how to code?" replace it by "Learn how to code!" or "For people who want to learn how to code!"
  • DO NOT USE emojis to go around the Question system (REALLY BAD IDEA) example, "Looking for more results ❓" - the question emoji could destroy your entire Business Manager, trust me....I know❗️

You can see the entire list of DON'Ts in the Google Sheet down below.


The creative reflects the same exact rules than the Ad Copy and more!

Here a few of the reasons your ads could get rejected or ad account disabled.

  • Do not use any fake CTA Button on your image or videos! These are non working functionalities, Facebook does not like that!
  • Do not use arrows
  • Follow the 30% rule, your overlay text cannot be over 30% of the entire space of the video or image! Too much text on your creatives will kill your reach or simply not even run. Facebook wants to keep the Feed of their users as clean as possible!
  • Never use Before and After images or videos, this will instantly get rejected and could get your ad account, Business Manager or/and Personal Profile disabled.

Landing Page / Lead Form / Chatbot / Instant Experience

It does not stop at just the ad! The algorithm will also analyze where people land, that can be a Landing page, a Facebook Lead form, a Chatbot for Facebook Messenger and even Instant Experiences from Facebook!

The same rules from above still continue to apply here! Make sure that you are CERTAIN that you did not forget anything not compliant in any part of your funnel.

We created a really EPIC tool to help you with all of these things! You can download right away, paste your Ad Copy and it will alert you instantly if you have any DON'Ts in your text.

Then when it's all good, you can paste in your campaign and launch it!

Click here to download Epic Tool


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