How To Create Your Facebook Business Manager

Kevin Moses
August 5, 2022

How To Create Your Facebook Business Manager

Learn How To Create Your Facebook Business Manager

Facebook's Business Manager is the hub for all of your Facebook Business Assets. In your business manager you will be able to manage your Facebook Pages, Ad Accounts, Pixels, Audiences, and everything else related to your campaigns. It is crucial that you create a Business Manager, not only because it is good practice but also because it's THE best practice.

Without a Business Manager, all your assets are scattered and your results suffer.

Here is how you create one.

First, click on this button to be redirected to the Business Manager landing page.

Create Business Manager

Once you are on the page, click on the button on your right.

A pop up will open, time to input your information!

  • Input the name you want to give your Business Manager
  • Your personal name
  • Your Business Email

Click Next

On the second page, is where you put your legal information. Make sure this is accurate, you want to be in good standing with Facebook in every possible way.

At the bottom in Business use, you have (2) options:

  1. Promote its own goods or services
  2. Provide services to other businesses

Make sure you select the right one since this will affect how Facebook Supports handles your inquiries.

Click on Submit.


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