How to Automate your Facebook Ads with and Shutterstock

August 5, 2022

At the start of 2019 when we decided to create a platform that could completely disrupt the marketing world, we had in mind to completely remove the burden that businesses and marketers have, creative.
Reality is that there is NOTHING more important than the ad it self. It does not matter if you are launching campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google or Snapchat. The creative is the most important part of your sequence.

We started creating our database that users could instantly use for their ads, but we quickly came to the realization that at the speed we were growing that creative database, it would take us approximately 1000 years to have all verticals in the WORLD. Because let's not forget that EXOD offers automated campaigns for all verticals in the world.

That is where we had the greatest idea, let's partner with the biggest and greatest content database in the world, Shutterstock!
You read right, officially partnered with Shutterstock to offer our users an infinite database of incredible ads they will be able to use in their campaigns.

We created this platform with the simplest interface we could of thought of, the idea is that in a few seconds, anyone at any level of experience can launch an automated campaign with automated creative for your Facebook Ads.

Here is how you launch an automated campaign on using Shutterstock.

First, create a new campaign on

Now you will need to select your Facebook Page that you want to promote through your Ads!


Once you selected your Page scroll down and click on Next Step.

Now it's time to name your Epic Campaign, you can give it the name you want! This will help recognizing campaigns inside Campaign Analytics and your Ad Account.

Once you've named your campaign, select your Targeting Option and click on Next Step. For more information on Targeting, watch our Class about Lookalike Targeting and Targeting.

How To Launch A Campaign

Select your Vertical inside our database by searching. You can also Select "Broad Campaign", that will create a blank ad set with default targeting and without any interest or behaviour.

Now select your Objective, make sure you select the right objective for your campaign!

Add your Link and click on Next Step.

Now Select the location or locations of your campaigns. Here you can be very specific:




Zip Code


Now the important part, keywords!

Be accurate in exactly what you are looking for, every keyword will be added to the query for that creative.

Here are is an example:

People Eating Tacos

Here is an example of how NOT to search:

Here is the result:

The system got too many keywords, it simply randomized through it

You can always test the best keywords and combinations, try to always be specific and have one promotional goal in your campaign, this is better not only for A.I but also for the results of your campaign.

You can now edit the image by clicking on it.

This will open a window where you can select different automated creatives.

When you click on it you will be able to see different images or even switch to videos.

Once you have select your new image or video, or maybe kept the ones automatically generated by your keywords, you can now Launch Your Campaign!

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